Facebook Account Upgrade

OutSavvy no longer supports Facebook login but it is really easy to upgrade your exisiting Facebook login account to an OutSavvy account. All you need is the email address associated with your Facebook account

Why is OutSavvy removing Facebook login? We want to maintain and uphold the utmost privacy for our users and feel now is the right time to have a single custom built login option on OutSavvy that never shares data with third parties. You can still checkout as a guest if you do not want to create an account.

Enter your email address

Enter the email address associated with your Facebook account below

Click on the link in your email

If the email address is associated with a Facebook acocunt in OutSavvy we will send you an email with a unique link back to OutSavvy to create a password

Choose a password and upgrade your account

Click on the link, choose a password and your account will be upgraded to an OutSavvy account. You can now login and access all your tickets using your email address and password

1 Enter your Facebook account email address