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Get a full refund including all fees when you can't make a sold out event

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ReSell your tickets for sold out events

Bought tickets and can't make an event? Friend let you down and you need to sell one of your tickets? ReSell your tickets to other OutSavvy customers safely and securely and get a full refund including all booking fees 🙌

Why Use Ticket ReSell


ReSell is 100% safe and secure. You never need to provide your card details and your tickets are sold anonymously to another customer on the Waiting List. If your tickets ReSell your refund is automatically sent back to the card you originally paid with


Simply select the tickets you wish to ReSell and let our system match you with other customers looking to buy your tickets. You get an email update if your tickets are sold and your refund is insantly processed and on its way back to your account


ReSell ensures that you don't over pay for sold out tickets. The price of the ReSell tickets is set by the event organiser to ensure all customers pay the same price for tickets

How To ReSell Your Tickets

Want to ReSell your tickets on OutSavvy? Follow the steps below to check if ReSell is active and add your tickets to ReSell


Check if ReSell is Active

When ReSell is activated for your event, OutSavvy will send you an email to let you know that ReSell has been activated. Follow the link in the ReSell email or your original sales email to access your ticket confirmation screen. If ReSell is active just click on the button with the label "ReSell Tickets". If active, you can also access ReSell on the app on your ticket confirmation screen


Add Your Tickets to ReSell

On the Ticket ReSell screen, select the tickets you want to ReSell. If you have multiple tickets you can ReSell all the tickets in your order or select the tickets you want to ReSell. If selling multiple tickets decide if you are ok with the tickets being sold separately. You are more likely to sell tickets on ReSell if you allow your order to split up although the system will prioritise selling all your tickets together


ReSell Matches your Tickets to Customers on the Waiting List

Now let the ReSell system work its magic. Your tickets are anonymously matched with guests on the waiting list. If a match is found the guest is informed that they can purchase the matched tickets and have a set time to complete the order. If they fail to purchase the tickets, the tickets are then matched again to another guest on the Waiting List until a guest purchases the tickets


Get Notified and Refunded when Tickets are Sold

If the matched guest completes the order the tickets are removed from ReSell, your tickets sold are cancelled, and a full refund including all fees is returned to your card. The refund can take up to 5 working days to show in your statement but is usually quicker. Any tickets which ReSell is unable to sell are still valid for entry at the event. We can't guarantee that all tickets will be sold via ReSell

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ReSell via the App

Download the app using the links below and ReSell your stored tickets directly on the app quickly and easily 👇

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