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About Camden Shorinji Kempo - Martial Arts

This modern Japanese martial art, will get you fit, help with mindfulness and give you a brilliant new community of incredible people across London, in the UK and the world. 


Based on weak points rather than brute strength, this is an ideal form of practical self-defence, particularly against larger opponents. The system focuses on the balance between ‘hard’ strikes (kicks and punches) and ‘soft’ grappling (escapes, locks and throws). We also incorporate restorative massage (seiho) and seated meditation (zazen). We focus on respect and cooperation rather than competition.


This LGBTQ+ class in Camden is led by Kavita (4th Dan) and Ofelia (2nd Dan). They focus on practical self-defence techniques to keep you safe on a night out. As well as looking awesome in any situation with Buffy the Vampire Slayer tv inspired moves.  


Our Sunday class at Holborn House is great for beginners. Grab your self a “Try A Class” ticket and come for a session. For a few pounds more you can try a whole months worth of classes before joining the club as a full member.  All you just need for you first session is a bottle of water, some comfortable gym clothes, and an open mind. We also head to the pub afterwards for refreshment and everyone is welcome.

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