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About Into The Heart

Into The Heart are regular classes, workshops and retreats for Gay, Bi & Queer Men.

Hosted by teachers Andy Butterfield & Tom Cowan.

Through these events we aim to :

• Support the health and wellbeing of gay, bi and queer men, nourishing our communities.

• Share embodied practices of Yoga, Shiatsu bodywork, Meditation and TRE (tension/trauma release exercises) to foster a deeper sense of personal and inter-connectedness.

• Explore the therapeutic, playful and calming qualities of nature through Ecotherapy and Nature Connection Practices.

• Aspire to create safe spaces for sharing, reflection and personal growth with other men.

•  Join together as a community of men seeking deeper layers of meaning and purpose in our lives so we can have fun, connect and smile like we were born to!

Check out and for more information on our classes, workshops and retreats.

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