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Sheer Obsession's Suspenders

About Sheer Obsession's Suspenders

Sheer Obsession's Suspenders (S.O.S) is a DIY, grassroots, trans led Reading drag night 🏳️‍⚧️


S.O.S is hosted by Reading based drag artist, Sheer Obsession (they/them), and showcases performances from local acts. We aim to be a community led space that prioritises gender euphoria, queer performances and safer spaces 👽 all types of drag are celebrated and showcased at S.O.S, prioritising experimental performances and acts. New and experienced performers are welcome to the stage, and get the opportunity to meet other incredible artists and have an all round camp time ✨


The nights run in partnership with queer and trans art collective Double Okay, which Sheer Obsession is a part of. We use the Rising Sun Arts Centre for this queer event - a volunteer run independent venue in Reading, who have supported us since our conception.


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