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About The Dolphin Hackney

The Dolphin Hackney is a historic pub located in the heart of Hackney, well-loved by the local community. Dating back to the 19th century, this venue has served both as a pub and a nightclub, known for its spacious interiors, welcoming atmosphere, and lively events.

The Dolphin is an LGBTQ+ friendly and ally venue, with queer staff and customers, making it a safe and inclusive space for everyone. It offers a dynamic and entertaining experience with themed nights, live music performances, and DJ events held on specific days of the week. One of its standout events is the queer retro disco karaoke nights with free entry, providing a vibrant and joyous atmosphere for all.

The Dolphin becomes a vibrant gathering spot, particularly on weekends, attracting both locals and visitors from afar. With its decor blending traditional pub culture and modern touches, The Dolphin is renowned for its hospitality and charm, making it a cherished spot in Hackney's social scene.



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