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About Filthy Friday Events

Filthy Friday is the UK pole industry's first ever fully diverse and inclusive space. 


Our showcases and parties are a celebration of all the gorgeous humans who make our pole industry what it is today. An authentic, proud and supportive stage that welcomes anybody who feels overlooked, or like they don't ‘fit in’. Pull up all the seats and join us in the House of Filth, for the celebration of a lifetime. 


The Filthy Friday community has grown so much since our first every studio showcase way back in 2017! The space now hosts up to 3 shows each year, giving space to those who need it. And we also host a string of social events, workshop weekends and gatherings across the UK + Europe! 


Over 6 years later we stand by our motto, KEEP IT FILTHY! We serve as a big f**k you to the haters (we've all got them honey!) And we make activism fun! What better way to encourage and action change, than to celebrate and be celebrated! 


Our events are not to be missed! Come and see what all the hype is about :P

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