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Wilkommen, bienvenue, alright mates! 


Welcome to RiffRaff Kabarett - a disreputable den of decadence and debauchery (that won't break the bank!). Inspired by the infamous Weimar Republic, RiffRaff Kabarett is serving you a dark slice of 1920s Berlin mixed with a healthy kick of contemporary, working class political punkery. So dust off your glad rags for a devious and down right filthy night of live music, burlesque, drag, games, DJs and dancing!


Hosted by Ruby Wednesday & Molly Beth Morossa, joined by a full line up of emerging and established performers.


✨What do I wear? ✨ There's no dress code, but feel free to get glammed up, channel your inner Marlene Dietrich, or Emcee or express yourself in your favourite get up!

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